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Stop finding problem the old fashioned way.


If you can not understand what users are saying, then you simply do not have the tools to analyze the problem. And users will go to your competitors. LOL :)

Let's go to the real world:

Real hardware

What do you know about 4000 models of mobile devices or thousands server types? They are different, but your code should work fast on each of them.

Real customers

Customer behavior can be very strange and irrational. 1 request from 10 000 can block your server for 60sec because you don't know about that use case

Real performance

Sintetic tests and profiling on developer environment very important, but it's a pice of all. On real hardware your code works a little different.

These applications became faster:

Web / Android / MultiServer Backend
Web / Android / MultiServer Backend
Web / Android / Backend
ZyXEL Remote
iOS / Android / MultiServer Backend
ZyXEL NetFriend
iOS / Android / Backend
Android / Backend
Android / Backend

14 mobile applications
40+ server instances
4 public websites
5 admin areas
300+ million collected timers per day

SDK for multiple languages and platforms

Easy to use

1. Write the code (PHP Sample)

1. PRFLR::init('hive', 'YourApiKey');
2. PRFLR::Begin('DB.AddItem');
3. YouProblemObject.Method();
4. PRFLR::End('DB.AddItem', 'user');

2. After thousands of iterations web panel shows you the following information:

3. Use groupping, order and filters to get information about your code.

4. Find all the bottlenecks for 5 minutes and fix them.

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  • Web Analitic tools
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